Broken to be Rebuilt

by Katharine Philippa

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euchrid This is all stupefyingly brilliant. Wonderful voice, great production, great lyrics and arrangements. But Nightingale and Home are pretty much mindblowing. Favorite track: Nightingale.
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released October 30, 2013

Ⓟ & © 2013 Katharine Philippa Holland
Copyright Control; all songs (music and lyrics) written by Katharine Philippa Holland

(Prepared) Piano, Organ,
+ Box, Typewriter, Tom: Katharine Philippa Holland
Violin: Aidan Kelly
Trombone: Paul Wilson
Bassoon: Eoin O’Kane
Timpani: Dave W Stockard

Co-Produced by: Matt Duke + Katharine Philippa Holland
Tracks i,ii, iii, vi, recorded by: Matt Duke (10 Man Productions)
Tracks iv, v, recorded by: Ben McAuley (Start Together Studios)
Mixed and Mastered by: Matt Duke (10 Man Productions)



all rights reserved


Katharine Philippa UK

Reflectivism; musician, composer, thinker, journeyer
~~ ~~

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Track Name: Hosanna
God if you’re here; come and bend your ear.
The world has become dulled and i can’t feel anything.

i have lost my shadow.
The lights have gone home.
Tired worry for the morrow.
i walk alone.

Track Name: Nightingale
Never knew my heart could beat so cold.
Never knew my lungs could feel so old.
Eyes closed, sheltered soul.

Running on the rocks i cut my knees,
Laughing in the face of open seas -
Young, fearless and free.

You hit this heart like a drum.
Wind, air in my lungs.

But as the sun sets and darkness seeps,
The cashing of the waves they knock, knock beat;
Who's there, drumming me?
Wooden mind and a drifting heart,
this door's now driftwood's sum of parts -
Your current drowning art.

You hit this heart like a drum – beat.
Wind, air in my lungs - breathe.

Nightingale: sing.

Night gale: blow in my soul – sing -

You hit this heart like a drum – beat.
Wind, air in my lungs - breathe.
Track Name: Pawns
i’ll sing – i’ll sing to you of my love –
Of how we played cards – and i bluffed.
The queen – queen of hearts –
Left me with clubs and spades – and i fold.


Dealt – dealt me Your love and hope –
But silence Your 2D spoke – near stained glass eyes.
Do i stab – stab my spade through Your white flags –
And runaway from You – and with my love.

Track Name: Broken to be Rebuilt
Like the tide without its moon,
Is a life without her light.
She walks blind led by despair
To Grief and Sorrow’s darkened layer.

Oh my God.
To lose your heart,
Is to lose your home.

When in youth she dared to dream:
that Love is powerful – Love redeems.
Undone jigsaw she’s in pieces;
Puzzled by the picture she says:

Oh my God.
To lose your heart,
Is to lose your home.
Broken to be Rebuilt.
Track Name: Home
Lead me to the place You call ‘Home;’
Let me go on wings like eagles.

Come, to me Grace;
Come, to me Love;
Come, be my Hope.